Letra de la canción

Broken talisman paint me in blood and tooth
then pround embalment sacred we emulate
held high the chosen hand chained to the throat of cost, though proud this image is lost to the cross
To whats kept inside...deep within confidence
what's kept inside...evolving to sacrement
Golden diety praise be what you earned
sailent separist praise be
for we gained...and for what you gave
thrust high his chosen hand chained to the throat of cost, through christ your image seems lost
welcome to the crux...
Yeah well i see you there crying for answers on
a gold lettered page shouting that you should be saved...
well i'm seeing eyes scared for the touch of light
well show me light and show me life will i grow to light...and self diefy
A tear for the way i've been inside and there is skin to shed in choosing a leash or a lead
i'm fearful and hesitant to slide back from those hands to change
a tear for the way i've been inside, i'm moving form these hands
i see from the way i've been tried that we are all born inncocent to life
Evolving to begin...
its a golden light...unending in shine


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