Disco 'Atemahawke' (2007) al que pertenece la canción 'Vaquero galáctico'

Vaquero galáctico
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Awakened in my ship after a thousand light years;
Me and several missing,
Going for a glass of my urine filtered
Then I am in the bow and see the space.
And I like to think is the place your going to be there;
(Never draw)
When my heart starts pumping only imagine
(Never draw).
Soon I will get and I got tired of traveling;
I want to feel the heat ...
I want news, incluirme, merge
¡¡Vaquero galactic calling! ! !
(I left floating in a fetal pose)
¡¡Vaquero galactic calling! ! !
(And navigating a spiritual way)
¡¡Vaquero galactic calling! ! !
(As we get cost)
I want to feel the heat ... I want vertirme steam ...
I want news, incluirme, myself to you.

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