Canción 'Carpe Diem' interpretada por Percance

Carpe Diem Letra


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CARPE DIEM es una canción de Percance.

Letra 'Carpe Diem'

immersed in a sea of pain chained to a life
time of persecution
to the hedonist pleasure because of the fear of working
for a higher step,
somebody to trust this is my commitment
for something real.
it's the shine when your eyes paralyse me it's our own way
carpe diem,
i'm next to you
a conscious pleasure
seeping through me
i seemed ti be floating on soft white air
i've killed all my demons
to pave the way
for something novel
please hold my hand
(i've been here before a few times and i'm quite aware we do have the weapons to see what is beyond) (behind)
the past can not be taken back
we just can over come it
carpe diem, carpe diem

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