Too $hort

Eh yo Baby D, get yo lil ass over here on tha mic man, an show these
Other lil niggaz, they can't fuck wit the Dangerous Crew man, spit that
Shit, fo' $hort Dog.

This is out fo dogs, wit tha fake attack,
I put it out two times, now I'm bringin' it back,
Wit a whole lot of me,
The Baby D,
You slippin' westsider,
But it don't mean shit to me,
I'm the youngest in the Crew from the Oak-Town,
An when I come through,
I lay you niggaz down,
So what up,
Get yo gloves an stuff,
It's the Dangerous Crew, ain't no love fo punks,
An if you don't know what to do, when I come through,
Let this young mack show you,
Grab the mic, an tighten up yo lyrics,
If it ain't real, I ain't really tryin' to hear it,
See another MC's gettin' mad as hell,
Ain't nuthin' mo funky than to be himself,
I gotta make a knot,
While I shake the spot,
'Cause I can't be stopped.

Lil mutha fucka spittin' that shit y'all, that's how we do it in East
Oakland, you know what I'm sayin', Dangerous Crew representin', next
Generation step up baby.

Baby D takin' over like doja,
Open ya up wit that north west explosion,
Then I'm coastin',
(What ya doin nigga??),
Runnin from the scene wit the ghost like Moses,
I gotta let em know,
If they mess wit the Dangerous they always know,
So get on,
Befo you get spit on,
I'm rollin' in knee high, no lie,
Finna get my grip on,
From mornin' to night, I keep it tight,
Dangerous Crew fo life.

Yeah that's juss a lil sample y'all, Baby D comin' through, 1996,
Dangerous Crew, my nigga ain't but 10 years old y'all, so, umm, before
You start dissin', you betta try an listen, 'cause, he got sumpthin' fo the
Future that you lil 'ol niggaz can't fuck wit. So Baby D, I'm a tell em
Like this, since I know yo mama might get mad if you tell em....

Too $hort

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