Baby Rasta

Antes de ser cantante
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Baby Rasta


Antes de ser cantante (en inglés)

Nobody knows these past few years I have felt like
Even andariegos my memories are still alive
I could not forget that scene
On that afternoon I saw my father
Baleado, drowned in their own blood
Without be lifted
You either you imagine what it is to lose a father
Neither paper so I could explain
Making friends on the street
At the corner seek refuge
Of escape massacres
I made friendships I
With nobody to confide
Without the help of my father caí
And get up to become a singer
I am speaking shortly socializarme
And palitroque armé and then forget
For me thank my mother ensuring that do not kill me
Yo ...

If re-birth ...
I would leave behind ...
Everything bad ...
That existed in my life ...
Tell me how to delete ...
As for not laugh mourn ...
And sing for the world PA forget my situation ...

My life change 20 March
I was a very rebellious child and problematic
The problems started at home
In school I escaped
Only andaba
Not because you had friends hated
My confidence a pistol loaded
May my Escondía
In waist cargaba
I desahogaba listening to blacks as rapiaban
With my headphones posts in my neighborhood campeaba
And bum-bum-bam the low to the steps he
And I looked like I hated fucks
Some gave me mad by others of my mocking
By pulling me Escambron
Bicycling solo andaba
On the bridge Two Brothers to the water I was buzzing
From the time I forgot
It came from madrugaba
My Mom worried well
In his sermon he pichaba
In the fourth me encerraba
No matter llorara
As I write this letter
Now I realize I
What I failed her, that she failed I
It is not easy to live the life that he lived
As I write rhymes, the chorus do shots
Rimando But still, if this is my destiny
And Frank Will you swear that what I was born this pa
I know that is hard between those who live shots
In sailing all night, and always armed fumeteando
Death is, and I promise, and hopefully mine
And pa those who wish my death kisses and hugs I command
Day after day, night after night I write songs
To change some lyrics by millions
Gastarlo with mine and the PAL carajo lambones
Pa those who believed in my part of my blessings
During the day the guards fantasmean
These frontean with? ? We voltean
But when it's time to sound the Rs and akas
I have seen as hariscan and fly patrols
I kneel at night and wonder when my time
Still have not answered why gun charge
Cargo pistol because we kill
For tickets bearing letters they trust
The money in my mind, and in my mind the money
Why stop what one is the money?
Why so many friends when you have money?
And why so many enemies when you go in search of money?
The downside to what you earn good
And yet I still sat on the stairs in the house of my grandparents
Seeing children play
Others are killed as
In the neighborhood where the nuns out this rapper ...

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