Donna Martin

Letra de la canción

Tell me again what will inspire
i forget like sin
i'm half of the blood that come before
i'm half just stepping in
two feet follow footsteps
while two more step out sure
one head hears the past that's always calling
while the other one's out the door
But after the higher ground's left vacant
after there's less than i came for
twenty quick fingers will do the making
reaching out for something more
I stumble along and shift like wind
across the great divide
where history and a vision spin
no one will be denied
two hands do the shaking
while two are resting still
one heart doubts until it's backsliding
while the other one trusts the hill
If time is liquid maybe evasion is a stone
and sinking is the only thing worse than
facing the great unknown
Twenty quick fingers will do the making
twenty quick fingers will do the making


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