The Manhattan Transfer

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Twilight zone / twilight tonemanhattan transfer by alan paul and jay graydon, lyrics by alan paul(spoken intro) with a key, you unlock a door to imagination beyond it is another dimension a dimension of sight a dimension of sound a dimension of mind you're moving through a land of both shadow and substance of things and ideas guiding you through this wondrous journey is the hypnotic sound of the twilight tonewhen i hear this melodythis strange illusion takes over methrough a tunnel of the mindperhaps a present or future time oh, ohout of nowhere comes this soundthis melody that keeps spinning 'round & 'roundpyramidal locomotion>from a mystic unknown zonehearin' the twilighthearin' the twilight, twilight toneunpretentious girl from memphissaw the future through her third eyepeople came with skepticismpicking, testing her precision, no, wo, oh, ohsuddenly they heard this soundthis melody that keeps spinning 'round & 'rounda signpost up ahead is calling through the mystic unknown zonehearin' the twilighttwilight swept away, feelin' the rhythmhearin' the twilighttwilight swept away, ba da, loo da, ba da loo dahearin' the twilighttwilight tonesubmitted for your approval. one mr. miller, who's aboutto take a trip into oddness and obsolescene, through a zone whose boundaries are that of imagination.accompanying him on this journey is the mesmerizing sound of the twilight tone.on a cold & rainy nightone mister miller had a rare flightglen was up there boppin' a rhythmthen the engine stopped to listen with himplay that beat, oh, ohsuddenly he heard this soundthis melody that keeps spinning 'round & 'roundnow he resides and plays trombonein the mystic unknown zonehearin' the twilight ( repeat many times )(hearin' the twilight)


The Manhattan Transfer
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