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All The Go Inbetweens - Letra

Silversun Pickups

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'All The Go Inbetweens' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Pikul.


Hey man where can i go?
it's too late to find holes in the ocean i know
i said man stay here a while
i'll never find safety in numbers here on the mile

say man is this in the right?
i wanna heal cracks in the sidewalk and keep it alive
sat down on the ground and i laid my head down to see
i closed up my eyes as the numbers went by
and that's when i started this dream

son you're still young but your mind has grown old it
now go tell your sister to show me her new magazines

said man sit for a while
son he said son how you've only begun on the mile

i've been to the moon and the stars and the go
go tell your sis to stop playing with new machines

tell them to keep things quiet

man stay here a while
son he said son how you've only begun on the mile...

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