Mothers Cry del álbum 'Black Tape '

Mothers Cry

The Explosion

La canción 'Mothers Cry' se estrenó en 2004. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Black Tape


Why are you coming back again?
why are you seeing the same old friends?
why are you coming around?
don't you see it's the same old thing
the same sad news that I had to bring
to everyone in town

and we both know that people come and go you'll
second guess no regrets
and it's alright 'cause good friends never die even if we
make our mothers cry

why are you turning your back again
don't rely on the simple things if you could you'd never try
so don't keep singing the same old songs
'cause the phrases are all out on loan
and it makes our mothers cry


please don't be shocked now
sometimes we fall out
but we'll get back now...
'cause what we've got will set you free

these time are getting tight again
spent everything but my last red cent
and it seems I've hit the ground again
is your face dry
'cause facing you is hard enough
and facing truth is in our blood
and this is getting serious so please don't cry


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