Letra de la canción

-verse 1-
baby do you mind if i keep it real with you one time
if i speak my heart, speak my mind
i kinda knew that this was commin, just not to the day
you`d come around and change my ways
i`m so elated now, it`s funny how the months have passed
when i was down and out, you`d make me laugh
i picture you and i see the sun, the moon and all the stars
`cuz you`re everything - the centerpiece to my heart
it`s sad to think that men are so afraid to offer trust
that`s probably because inside they`re really scared of love, but
i can honestly say that i`m not afraid of it because
i`ve never felt anything as close as us
i just wanna tell you that i wanna dedicate
my whole life to you, my time too and girl i pray
that god will bless us like he always has in the past
we`ll stay together and make this thing last
i`m thankful for your love
i just want you to see what you mean to me
i`m thankful for your love
that you`re here for me sent by heaven above
i`m so thankful for your love
i just want you to know
i`ll love you with all of my soul
and that it`s unconditional
i`m thankful...
-verse 2-
now i never thought that i would ever truly love someone
but when the winter comes, you are my shining sun
to share my life with you would truly be a dream come true
that`s why i look forward to the day when you say "i do"
and to think the same time last year
we never would have thought we`d be here
i`m so excited that you`re in my life
and i`d be so delighted if you`d be my wife

i want to give you this ring
give you all of me
i`ll give you my soul
i`ll give you my all
give you my heart and my word that we will never part....
i`m thankful.

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