Pete Kilpatrick Supergroup

Letra de la canción

There's a flare in your eyes
that reminds me of fireflies
and i can't seem to shake that today
i'm sitting on a bridge while i wait for you
to jump in and swim away
There's a fire in my chest
and it only burns faster when you're around
and i'm sinking slowly
to the bottom of the deepest wishing well
And you say to me my love
when it's raining down on me
some things i can't relate to
soon enough you'll see
There's a star in the sky
that i wish i could reach up and grab for you
but my arm isn't long enough
my grip isn't strong enough
to grab ahold
And there's a face that i'm wearing
that i don't plan on sharing with anyone
cause it's mine all mine
and you gave it to me
Now i'm turning back the time
to a place when you were mine
now i'm standing on the shoreline
i'm not going back
I'm not going back

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Pete Kilpatrick Supergroup
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