Theatre Of Tragedy

Letra de la canción

Ado with a mean woe,
An ado as aglow:
Belying the paynim
Thou rewrot'st the tome
An ivy-crown'd and dancing,
And fawn'd and trancing
Espying the surly wud,
And heeding her not.


Afear'd of Bacchante,
And dost thou 'hold the yill?
Behind is the sleepless;
Eyne 'holding na mo.


Onto the paper scribe I the words that fro my heart move
With every dight letter, with the ebb of ink,
The point of the quill my penmanship doth mirror;
Tales of theft and adultery,
Tales of devilment and witchery

Tales of me.

Celebration Bacchari

Theatre Of Tragedy
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