A View of the End de Arch Enemy

A View of the End

Arch Enemy

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A View of the End

You left me without strength before I rose
Entering the gates of loneliness
You saw me in disgrace

You carried away all my laughter
And gave me the cold of darkness
Covered me up with no hope
And took away all my bliss

The view of the end, emotions rise.
My innocent heart suffers inside
So sad, so blind, so out of my mind
So sad, so blind, just leave me to die

Will I wait forever?
Is this my punishment?
Please, don't leave me in darkness
Please, reach the light again with me

I was lost in my own dimension
And even if I tried to awake, I would never escape.

Into my illusions; horizons with no colours
Give me a distance to reach my other me in horror

Even if I ran in the pouring rain
Voices would surround me,
Casting a spell that mangled my mind

I felt the emptiness brake my chances
And leave no choice for me
The breeze of sorrow blew inside of me
Bringing back all my sad emotions

I froze my conscience
And fell asleep amidst my torment,
Laid down my soul under withering leaves
And now I'm eternally alone...

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