Letra de la canción

Do you really want to know
What the fuck is going on?
G8 and WTO
IMF and Interpol
Cops and corporate industries
Rule your fucking country

Action, ready, steady go
Don't be part of this machine
No, think for yourself
No! Never!
No war will ever be the answer
To solve the problems in the world we are living in
Something is wrong
Cause I see millions of people starving
While politicians waste our money on deadly war toys

There are other ways to go
As hundreds of alternatives show
You don't have to fuck people over to survive
Don't you see the contradiction:
Buy or die


Squat your house, raid a fur-farm,
Help the immigrants, rob a bank
Refuse, resist, but make a difference

No standstill, unruliness
Smash the security, no excuses

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