Fergie feat. I-threes

Letra de la canción

When I wear - my mary jane´s shoes
I can escape - from a blues
the whole world seems a little bit brighter, brighter
my heavy steps get a little bit louder, louder

wooh my mary jane´s (4x)

when I wear - my mary jane´s shoes
just like a child - under bruise
my heart and my soul - they feel like I´m seven
but from my head to my toels
it´s like I´m in heaven, heaven

wooh my mary jane´s (4x)

when I wear mary jane´s shoes
I enjoy to spin - the ones and toes
music has another dimension
and I can dance with another perception

wooh my mary jane´s (4x)

Letra añadida por: Phantom of the opera (#31.328)

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