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La canción 'Architeuthis' se estrenó en 2003. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Where Moth and Rust Destroy

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There is a beast that does exist
Not just a myth - the facts persist
Known from the dead that washed ashore
From modern graphics to old folklore
Not yet one ever seen alive
Though scientists and divers strive

Architeuthis - show yourself to us

Among the largest of the planet
The giant squid - the architeuthis
How can this massive creature
Escape the hordes of searching eyes
Escape the wisdom of the wise
Escape the sonar, the bathyscaphe
Returns with countless plotted graphs

Architeuthis - show yourself to us

I know a God I've never seen
Not merely just a wishful dream
Alive, but not for us to see
But living in the hearts of men
So great is His love for us
Yet many seekers look in vain
If you will set aside your pride, your arrogant façade
Then you can enter into grace

Architeuthis show yourself to us
Let us gaze at your haunting frame
We know you're real - no longer conceal
What bloated corpses already revealed
The last of the giant living mysteries

Architeuthis - show yourself to us

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