La canción 'Bats' se estrenó en 1997. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Crawl to China

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bats, bats, bats

you think they’ll hit you - but they won’t
you think they nest in your hair - but they don’t

bats, bats, bats

you think that feathers is what they got
you think they are a bird - but they are not
the old adage "blind as a bat" - the truth is they can see
but not as good as you and me

bats, bats, bats

i used to think that God was always serious
and i could walk the fence - i must have been delirious
i wonder if He laughs
i guess that i’m just curious

bats, bats

( Mexican free tail bats)

the God Jehovah is not feathers, wood, or stone
the Word became flesh - and ascended to the throne
He walked the earth like you and me
and dwelling in our hearts is where He wants to be
and dwelling in our hearts is where He wants to be

bats, bats

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