Mark Farina

Letra de la canción

Wake up babe
If you want me, lady
Please don't run and hide

Call me, tell me
What you think about me
You'll be mine tonight

Oh baby oh oh oh
You've got to prove it to me
Oh oh oh

Come on, babe
You've got me going crazy
What a love romance

Kiss me, touch me
Just killing me softly
Give me a loving chance

Oh babe oh oh oh
You've got to prove it to me
Oh oh oh
Oh babe oh oh oh
I will be there tonight
Just waiting, girl, for you

Infatuation babe, a hot devotion babe
What can I do if all your body
Is deep inside of my mind
What can I do my lady if only
You can make me feel fine
Infatuation darling oh and
I can't stop loving you

Letra añadida por: shemkasai (#218)

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