Chala Head Chala de Dragon Ball

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Dragon Ball


Chala Head Chala (en inglés)

Breaking through the shining clouds
I´m gonna fly away, fly away
Spreading thru my body, feel the power thru my soul
Kicked in the face, this earth is mad
As a fire brigade, fire brigade

Can´t you feel it building up for her to blow
If there ever was a dinosaur
In a mound of icicles
I would wanna train it to ride a ball

* Chala head chala
No matter, if ever anything could happen
Nothing can stop me now

Chala head chala
Oh, my heart just keep sparking up like a ball of flame
Oh yes, it make me fired up, sparking

I feel it, freedom in the sky
My roller coaster, coaster
Coming down to panic, chaos that spread over the ground
Take the scenic route down and upside down
I´m like a melting star, melting star

And the world, seems faster as she´s turning round
There´s no time for me to mope and cry
I got to get started now
Adventures are so much the meaning to life

Chala head chala
Got so much space in my burning heart now
I´ll take it up with all the world
Chala head chala
Smiling today, away today, I´m Ultra Z
Ai, ai, ai , ai


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