The Price of Beauty

The Price of Beauty

Suicide Silence


The Price of Beauty Letra

Holding you down by your throat
Just enough to keep your fuc*** mouth shut
Can’t stand to hear you scream god
Because he's not fuc*** here bitch

And how does it feel now?

Don't worry you’re not another rape victim
It’s just me destroying your beauty [2x]

And how does it feel now? [2x]

That I’m ripping out
All of the fake pieces in your face [2x]

And what will you do now
Once all of your beautiful skin
Is in my pockets? [2x]

What cosmetic will fix this mess [2x]
Fix this mess [2x]
That is now your face?

Was this all worth it?
For your fake fuc*** beauty [2x]

The price of beauty was more than you thought [2x]
How does it feel now? [2x]
The price [2x]
Was more than you thought

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THE PRICE OF BEAUTY es una canción de Suicide Silence que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco The Cleansing. Agradecemos a Pacho_Blood por haber sudido la letra de The Price of Beauty.