Disco 'Mystica' (1997) al que pertenece la canción 'Visions In Blue'

Visions In Blue

The Blood Divine


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Cruelty has a human heart
jealousy a human face
terror the human form divine
secrcecy the human dress
I won't rest, i just can't
unless you caress
those visions in blue
I see blue...
blue is how i feel
it's all that's real
I see blue...
blue visions reveal
all that's real
Now listen to me...
When hurts so much
is the greed of the human race
they won't believe me
see the war within me
I can't rest
unless you caress
those visions in blue
I know it's so hard
what i'm asking of you
though you know it's so true
see my visions in blue
my visions in blue

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