The Blood Divine

Letra de la canción

I've struggled to find the dimmest of candlelight
under which to scrawl these morbid words
Through half-hearted and mortal innocent sacrifice
to dreams of the rising snake, beneath cimmerian skies
from leaves that fell under autumn strain
to slowly dying embers, that crackle in the rain
I am dreaming crimson dreams of you
Oh, the scars carved in my body... i gave to you
the fires...
may your glory be jewelled
with gifts of armour, worn with pride, lost in battle
to the rings i wear that bear your name
I am dreaming crimson dreams of you
Have i ever felt this way before?
have i ever dreamed that i could be inside of you?
taste your ever sweet love
bow my head at the sound of you crying?
i remember when i tasted your tears.


The Blood Divine
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