Letra de la canción

Striving amongst walls of horrid thoughts
pensive corridors ramify and deplete solemnly
opposing currents in the blend of life flow by
incessant left hand path will never cease to sigh
unearthly presences shudder out my brain
inhuman is their world, sanity is profaned
tears cling to my eyes and blind my sight
chronologically surpassed and forged in plight
the darkest silhouettes weep
in sepulchral tones of sorrow
as the gates of deepest sinisters
are pulled apart in a repulsive climax of shrills [x2]
attempt at conveying thoughts to words
my tortured heart pulsates, my eyes decay
what's present in my mind is perpetually incised
from preordained gladness i'm eternally deprived
[solo: david]
Embraced to my innerself i await the night
empathy's void hugs me in the absence of light
what warmed my heart and lit my way
is now the hatred that runs in my veins
miserable sense of being burns its path deep
the sweet fragrance of anguish draws me in my sleep
the carnal lips of death press tightly against mine
now my weakened soul surrenders to the undivine
spiritually chanting doom in sepulchral tones of sorrow
as the gates of deepest sinisters
confine my deafening shouts of pain

fuente: musica.com

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