W-balls (tha Shiznit Intro) Letra y Canción

Snoop Dogg

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W-BALLS (THA SHIZNIT INTRO) es una canción de Snoop Dogg del año 1993, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Doggystyle.


'W-balls (tha Shiznit Intro)'

*radio static*
that was the dogg pound here right on w-balls
187.4 on your fm dial
you're tuned in to the biggest balls of them all
dj suk t nutts
aiy, don't forget about my homeboy eazy dick in the jackoff hour
that's happening at twelve o'clock tonight
right now we got some snoop doggy dogg for that ass
this one is called tha shiznit
you're about to go downtown bitch
right here on the station that plays only platinum hits
that's 187.4 on your fm dial
if you're lickin that's, w-balls
everybody's got to hear the shit, on w-balls, w-balls, w-balls

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