Five for Fighting


I'm knocklng down buildings
searching high and low
l'm looking for a feeling
just one more time before i go
gonna buy some roses
with a heart on my mind
i'm not gonna walk away no more
i'm living on borrowed time
when you find away
are you gonna fill me in
but please don't say anything
cause your thoughts and your mind will come back to see me again
i don't think that my heart can take what i just heard
not for a little while
cause your souls not mine and i'd like to get back to her
everybody's talking about just how far she'll go
am i blind to see
what my ears will hear and my mind should already know
no more talking
i'll pretend you're gonna say those words
i'm not listening
unless you show me the way that i can get back to her
are you going my way
did you change your mind from just the other day
don't look behind us
so many dreams in my head are you sure this is real
please don't play these games, i know how you feel
and when i wake up tomorrow
see your face as i turn
kind of like a long lost friend
then i'll know that i finally made it back to her

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