José Luis Perales

Que Canten Los Niños (Ingles) Letra

José Luis Perales


Que Canten Los Niños (Ingles) (Letra/Lyrics)

To sing children, raise her voice,
Make the world listen;
To unite their voices and come to the sun;
Therein is the truth.
Sing that children living in peace
And those who suffer pain;
Then sing for those who may not sing
They have turned off their voices ...
"I sing so that I stop living."
"I sing for mom smile."
"I sing that it is the blue sky."
"I do not for me dirty sea."
"I sing for those who have no bread."
"I sing to respect the flower."
"I singing for the world to be happy.
"I did not hear the song for cannon."
Repeat part ...!!!!!!
"I sing that it is green garden."
"I and me not to turn off the sun."
"I sing for which not write."
"I wrote on the verses of love."
"I sing to hear my voice."
"And I to see if they think I do."
"I sing because I want a happy world."
"And I will listen if someone wants me."
Repeat part to the end

Datos de Que Canten Los Niños (Ingles)

QUE CANTEN LOS NIÑOS (INGLES) es una canción de José Luis Perales. Agradecemos a luisana1 por haber sudido la letra de Que Canten Los Niños (Ingles).