Joe & Ellen

Letra de la canción

Walking past autumn grass on a morning in september
wind blows on through the dawn and i must remember
that is doesn't even matter who's cross i bear
i could easily be someone else
it's everything
one and the same
And i'm not sad
floating in the wind
for every other broken heart there's a blade of grass
for every cry in history the voice slowly fades

i think of you in a room with pale yellow carpet
scribbling on until the dawn words of a lover
and it doesn't even matter just what you write
it's all already inside your heart
you were my friend
will we smile again?
And i'm not sad
it's just my voice
i could never tire of those summer days
doesn't it remind you of something more true

walking past moonlit grass in the dark of the midnight
wandering on until the dawn your face in blue light
and i wanted so to show you everything
i could love you every lonely day
it's only love
just let it be crushed
Underneath the weight
of the city streets
we are always driving them
the same everyday
we are always driving them
heading the same way

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