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Aitsu wa son goku english Letra

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Aitsu wa son goku english (Letra/Lyrics)

Who is he? who is he?
He rides a bright cloud and goes flying
Till the end of the skies
With clear eyes and trained techniques
To defend the green planet he goes fighting
Fire blazes in his heart
Wonder boy... why?
Wonder boy... i can't stand how
His eyes show such cool even when in trouble
*son gokou continue painting dreams
Son gokou you are surely a hero
No matter how strong the opponent who challenges him
Power trembles in him
Who is he? who is he?
For the sake of love till the end burning
He fears nothing
With clenched fists and a sharp face
He hugs a child and shows a smile changing
He's a fearsome soldier
Wonder boy... it's amazing
Wonder boy... in times of defeat
When he looks at you courage comes forth
**son gokou knows no escape
Son gokou you are surely a hero
Lightning jumps from his fingertips
No enemy is a match for love
...yet he knows
Nights despising evil
Tears fall...

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