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Sometimes the world is an ending
and sometimes there's a hell to pay
when all your so-called friends just leave you
and all that's to blame seems to be you
then i'll back you up. i'll back you up
at least i'll try to do so, you know
When all that you see, is darkness
and all that you fear, is so real
when memories haunt you when sleeping
and they're stabbing your stomach
i won't, won't let you fall
cause i'll back you up
when somebody knocks you down
some other will pick you up
when somebody knocks you down
some won't be there when you need them
while others will save you from harm
some promise the world
if you give them your world
well i hope that you know me by now
i just hope that you know me by now
Sometimes you break expectations
it is like slapping them all in the face
and sometimes you choose your own answers,
forgetting the ones that all others say
And i'll still back you up


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