Gloomy Grim

Letra de la canción

Like pack of wolves,
we hunted our preys at nights
why they put you to the holy ground,
when you died?
i must get you out of there
or your soul can not be saved
War - i am coming to take you back.
war - nothing can stop me now.
I kill, destroy, hunt those people,
who did this to you
hide if you can, but you do it in vain
i'll crasp our soul and take you down,
eternal torment in burning flames
We were together as one,
by doing this to you
they have done it to me.
I will see that day,
when i am gonna make them pay,
what they did to you is
what i will do to them
Blood - war - die

fuente: musica.com

Gloomy Grim
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