Too $hort

Letra de la canción

I do it like the best of the greatest, not the worst
Like welfare day, can't stop the first of the month
Can't stop Short Dawg neither
Got a good hoe niggas sure better keep her
Cause I'm on the prowl, all the time
Tryin' knock every bitch so they all be mine
And I ain't never, ever gone change my ways
Drop a few lines, leave a bitch in a daze
Have her homegirls wonderin' what she do
Fucked around and gave me that pussy too
I be doin' this shit on a regular basis
Got bitches everywhere in all kind of places
I can pull out my little black phone book
Flip every last page take a long look
Than pull out a bitch, like a rabbit out a hat
Nigga if I want, I can have it like that
Fuck two or three bitches at the same time
Grab the microphone sing my rhyme
About them same three bitches that fucked me good
Us niggas gotta do what the fuck we should when we want to
I might pass it
So get butt naked, shake that ass bitch
I'm bout as real as the stones in my diamond rings
You can hate my guts, but I'm gone do these things, bitch

Ah why have a nine, when I can have a ten
Lickin up the nuts, while I'm gone holler at her friend
Bitch, ain't no time for me to teach her
Rather have an everyday hoe, that umm knows how to treat a nigga
Thinkin' if she ain't lickin' me up
I'm givin' her to Short, cause he don't give a fuck
Do yourself a favor and quit callin' my house
If you really don't want this nigga to put this dick in your mouth
Um, have you seen my bitch?
I ain't seen her, but if I do she gets dick
That's what I'm givin' her just like that
To the front and back, nothing but the bozack
The second she get lonely, feelin' she can get her money
And she run to fuck her own ignorant homey
You a lost cause, yellin' pause when they drop the draws
It's entrapment, have yo nigga breakin' nigga laws
But it ain't a matter of mentality, it's reality
Open your eyes, realize bitches ain't nothin' but a casualty
But a factor to a nigga wanting fuckin' time
She's just an everyday, don't want to catch a fuckin' mime
Bitch ain't lying, so I thought you knew this
Bitch this is how I do this

You can call eight ball in the corner when you shootin' pool
But when you play the game of life, ain't no stupid rules
Gotta go for yours at all times
Cause if you don't, nigga yours will be mine
And I won't go to bed early, won't sleep too late
And I'll never take a punk ass bitch on a date
They say Too Short baby why you talk so bad?
Just a player ass nigga and that's all I rap about
Bitches, hoes and all that shit
She got my number, if she beep me I might call the bitch
And go diggin' in them guts like a gardener
If she starts screamin', I'm gone fuck the hoe harder
Just havin' fun with the bitch, as she sprung on my dick
Guess I'll pull it out and just cum on the bitch
And from New Year's Day to New Year's Eve
And everyday in between I will do these things, I won't stop bitch

I like to go to the club mix and mingle
Nigga plays his dick like a 12 inch single
Yeah, so what you bitches want to do?
Step to me you gots to do my crew, first
When I rehearse I change rearrange
My mentality will bring you to reality
You on me like cologne 'til now
I feel it's time for us to bone so I
Look and pimp the background
Look, listen put the bitch on lock down
See you hangin' out with me tonight
Everything's alright, but a nigga want to fight
Damn, that's a real player hater for ya
Fuck it, I'll be waitin' for ya

I'm droppin' lines like a mother fuckin' pimp at this shit
I'm gettin' hoes out they clothes cause I'm good at this shit
They callin' me the pussy jammer cause I'm breakin' hoes off
See I'm paid to be boss, I'm kickin' back at no cost
Never slackin', just mackin', money stackin' that's my motto
With so much game they want to play me like the lotto
Tip the bottle, now I'm drunk as a skunk
High off the dank, but I can't front
See I'm never being senile
See I'm smooth as a nail on a fingernail file
Keepin it wild, but in the meanwhile we the coolest
Sure enough this how we do this

I'm fingerfuckin' with my
Now they peepin' how a nigga climb on the chart
Ain't fear in my heart, I represent it from the start
Deep, my momma raised me as a g from birth
Be a hustlin' motherfucker 'til I sees my hearse
No doubt, I bust a shot for all my niggas in jail
All the young black males, that got slang yell
Cause its a hard life nigga only thugs survive
Ain't no love, unless a nigga slangin' drugs or high
Conversations with these bitches on my Mobil
Always in control and never let these bitches know ya
And even though I'm gettin' high, a thug nigga gettin' by
Catchin' bitches spittin' lies, I'm gettin' mine
All day, I puff a blunt and parlay and sometimes if we party
Gettin' my dick licked twice
And death to a trick's life, we can pursue this 'til my shit's right
Went from havin' fantasies, to havin' hoes leave they man for me
There is no realer man than me
The city of Oaktown laced me with my first case
When them punk police tried to break me
Didn't think the shit was cute, so I got a lawsuit
And made them punk police buy my coupe
This is how we do this
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Too $hort
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