Gums N' Moses

Letra de la canción

[sung to the tune of billy joel's "we didn't start the fire"]
Andy griffith on tv,
sheriff taylor
mount pilot,
north carolina,
Fishin' hole,
earnest t.,
goober pyle,
gomer pyle, (golllllly!)
Aunt bea in the kitchen,
lousy pickles,
good friend chicken,
helen crump,
otis drunk,
emmett's fixit shop
Criminals would come to town,
fearless fife tracks 'em down,
his eye would pop,
his gun would drop,
he's a favorite tv cop
We love barney fife...
he's the deputy of mayberry
we love barney fife...
he upholds the law with opie's pa
Floyd the barber cuttin' hair,
howard sprague,
barber chair,
barney's job is never done,
law and order's in his blood,
his shaky gun is at your service,
catchin' crooks makes him nervous,
thelma lou's offical stud,
nip it
nip it in the bud
(this is deputy fife speakin'
and i'm armed!!!)
Andy plays the guitar,
barney's in the squad car,
driving mayberry nuts,
he's law enforcement klutz
Ticket writing everyone,
he's got one bullet for his gun,
bad guys are on the run,
book 'em barney
murder one!
We love barney fife...
he's the deputy of mayberry...
andy griffith is our life
(yeah yeah yeah),
when the show is done
we'll watch another one
(re-run, re-run, re-run)
we love barney fife!

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