Luis Alberto Spinetta

Letra de la canción

Just light my eyes
Baby light my eyes
Until the moment I see your smile
Please join your hands
Into shining land
Until the moment I see you’re free

Just light my eyes
Brighten my life
Baby let me see
That our seeds are pure

Though the world has been crying
Please light my eyes
Let me understand
The sun shines to me under your light

Enlighten my eyes
Just take my dreams
So I´ll spread my wings
Till the moment I see your dawn

Enlighten my eyes
Baby change my life

Until the moment the wind has turned
Baby my eyes
Enter my mind like a morning sky
Clear my lonely night ´cause the days are gone
And please light my eyes
Let me understand
That I feel the sun... within your hands
So touch my life, touch it

Letra añadida por: Mean_Mr_Mustard (#23.198)

Luis Alberto Spinetta
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