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What Do I Know

4 Him


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I make it my firm policy
to make my bed with honesty
so, i don't sleep with shadows in the room
the truth is i've been holdin' back
the way i feel about the fact
that i'm not as close as i want to be with you
There's still so much more of you i long to know
and i won't be content until i do
Cause what do i know
if i don't really know you
though i may blow the minds of men
how can i say that i know
anything of love
unless i find it in your hands
I'm not playing playground games
i'm not reading dick and jane
and i don't need a pass to walk the halls
i've graduated in my faith
and still i've barely pushed the gate
that opens to the one true know-it-all
I could win a nobel price or rule the world
but, i would die a genius with no clue
Life is such a cruel deception
without you to lead my quest
i'd fail the test

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