DJ Pooh

featuring T Lee of LA Zuu


DJ Pooh. Zuu Tribe 97. T Lee feels gold drastic. Yeah get the cash.

T Lee:

Since money rules the world I'm a stay on the grind

Sky high feelin' fine in this west sunshine

I'm a rhyme all about my chips I ain't lyin'

I got my foot on the floor in the fast lane flyin'

Drape the double are L in an Accura or a M

Thoroughbreds chasin' me and they bad as hell

Mr. Lee, Zuu Tribe it ain't hard to tell

Hug the brakes get the number that's a player right there

See a chick goin' spin just like a nigga spin

Make sure you spin more so you always win

This a petty game but who's to blame for the shame

It ain't the same talkin' bout bein' they thang

I motivate graduate that's the plan for the (money)

But ain't broke, stressed and trippin' (actin' funny)

Dummy, get equipped, you're tryin' to playerhate

Stay off the next man you better go on and graduate


When the situations dollars it's time to smash

Two thousand zero zero party's over get the cash (oooh)

When it's all said and done we get the last laugh

Fuck what you heard bad newz travels fast


You got much grande beats that bang

We got saucy ass lyrics that swang

And a whole other zone

And three of 'em straight gone

We'll fade that ass on wax or off the dome

We strive to be the tightest top notch on the scene

Be like a fiend stay down with my team

It's a pity

Huh, situation gettin' shitty

When Lee come through will Zuu Tribe take the city?

These niggas ain't Ballers these niggas ain't phillies

But these niggas don't the most these niggas kill me

You wouldn't understand this path we done chose

Rise for much more than chips, cars coast to hoes

Throwin' bolos at fake ass ballers with fake clothes

Lead ya to the left straight killin' your soul

Let it be told

Everything that glitters is not gold

Got platinum recipes so our unit is sold


\"Is it the future\"

Verse 3:

Stop the sleepin' game not free

You flip ? h.o.e. the 9-7 the B. is a B.

I want the millions most defiantly

So me, giving you mine is something I can't see

I guess the real team hard make ya want to freak freak

Cause I hand with major players that got nothing but heat

Me myself I'm a hustla

Money is what I'm after

Catch me on the next page on the next chapter

Only half of these rides get my respect

The other perpetrating' 50 need they weave check

I can't trip though cause niggas trick for these chicks

Blow up they hair buy' em thangs ain't even hip

It sound sick don't it?

You're damn right it is

Cause when you're actin' like that how you gonna handle your biz?

We want the ? the S.C. lyrical triple

But you call Zuu Tribe the worldwide money getters


\"Is this the future\"

\"It's the LA Zuu\"-Threat 'Lettin' Niggas Know'

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