V1) track the moment that frayed your seam, crack the surface and float down stream.
Make the jigsaw with one lost piece, that holy grail, your golden fleece.
B) you're rewarded for your sins, but then everybody wins…
C) except for me, cos it seems so unfair that you'll never go everywhere.
Except for me, and it seems such a waist and you're left with a bad taste.
V2) my biggest fear now is age and time, it makes me cynical and these words aren't even mine.
Rest assured now your time will come, just like the pigs that fly and swallow everyone.
Mid) elevation of life is easy, if you sum it up with words.
But letting it in, and keeping it in is harder when you can't define what's worse.
So manage the loss by coming across, and know that the good ones fall down first.
So carry the torch through the caves you carved in time before the good things become the worst.


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