Nouvelle Gaia

Letra de la canción

under the creation
a rotten dream, desolation
hidden below the perfume
the smell of putrefaction
a dead man walk
whit a hope in their stopped heart
bodies full of heat
disposed hands
ready to create
burning your paradise
the starving masses come back to life
and to take the veil
to see the fuc*** emptiness
one hope, one fist
millions of carcass
ready to resist
we are part of this you manipulate our dreams and needs
our life is resist against your happy fuc*** promises
we try to wake up and see your face
this is not what the TV says
we don´t live in the world you says
it´s time to burn all this shit
there is no heaven
there is no hell
the only world who exists
it´s what we can destroy and rebuild
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: Squall Lionheart (#18.734)

Nouvelle Gaia
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