Do not mention his name.
the man kills john lennon, now he's on tv again.
he's blaming holden caulfield in the face of the lens.
and each time he does it, he kills him again.
who killed john lennon?
A loser with a pistol, a martyr's best friend.
And each time he's televised, he kills him again.
it's the prize that he wanted when he loaded the gun.
and each time he's mentioned, murder is done.
so, who killed john lennon?
A no one.
He's on tv again.
he's playing the hero.
the networks won't let the story end.
he brings in the ratings for them.
he's playing the hero.
but he's a killer.
he's been convicted.
He's been convicted...
His lawyer must think it's a game.
Though he knows lennon's songs, both in word and by name.
he cold calls the networks, retrieves all the funds.
then he scrapes his percentage when the programs are run.
Who killed john lennon?
A lawyer, an agent.
big money's best friend.
and each time he's televised, they kill him again.
it's the prize that they wanted when he emptied the gun.
and each time he's mentioned, murder is done.
so who killed john lennon?
a no one.
a no one.

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