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Do you realise,that i have tears in my eyes,you're just like those other guys,always hidin in disguise,baby,can't you see,what you're doin' to me,how can this be,when you used to make me so happy,baby
chorus:why did you do what you did,i don't understand everything was going right,'til ya turned around and was putting me down,so i started ignoring you,but then you come crawling back to me saying your sorry,but why should i take the time to believe you after everything you put me through,baby
i still love you,but i hate everything you do,and i care for you,i know that you want me to,boy,why do you have to lie,you told me that you were shy,but everytime i pass you by,i find out that was just another lie,boy

fuente: musica.com

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