Cradle Of Filth

A Murder Of Ravens In Fugue

Cradle Of Filth


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Now, the call for grey skies
With revenge in the life
Gothic and Sáfico
Imploraran necessarily generocídio

The disappointments of Grandier
Since presságios
Desencantados in vaults
Enclosures by glyphs
In the midst of them, worship sinful

With the loss of the executioner
She manipulated the minds of the world
For Arcanjos in captivity
The light of night, thrown
Arremesados to Earth
Where is the torture?

But soon
Its flavor that tarot
Rumours spread
To hybrids made tumors
When nastali

And the stars of what devastariam
To improve the bitter truths
Two bloodbaths cold

While the bodies are raised
In herds rigid
For his asombrá
Enterros rasos taxes
When wolves exumaram
His ventres of the Earth.

When heavy frost
Laboraran for some time
To express their wounds

Even deepest
Soul which it pursues
Empuñando their venom, which flew
As a murder of crows in Leak

And knowing that the abduction of them,
Dreams Destruiriam
She ruined books enegrecidos
For the postponement of damage
Pernicious grasnaran
In enemies stacked

Then, on the night of Halloween
While received
As the party Bellona
These enemies

The sisters cruel brought to light
Of these, torture
Tiles marked with crosses
His vehicle to take charge and flee

But she knew
She had to face all night long
While fear
A skull on the Moon
As a murder of crows in Leak

For every look masked
And adorned with jewels
There was a terrible connection
Eyes painted, frozen in horror

In icy eyes
And even dance what
In large mirrors
Exaggerate the misery of which the future
If the destination there remember ...

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