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Here all alone just looking at the four walls
you will decide to give me a call
i will be waiting
knowing i told you i had things to do
so foolish
didn't want to know how much i want you
and baby
i'm so used to getting hurt
my heart is always on alert
but the truth really is...
i love you
come to me oh can't you see i'm only lonely
i know that i loved you right from the very start
with all my heart
more than i realize boy i need to
see you
once you're mine i'll never let us drift apart
with all my heart
With all my heart
With all my heart
Take you to my house, introduce you to my bedroom
and show you
yes i'm kinda shy but i know what to do
until you let me
hoping that you'll see right through me
and tell you
'cause in your arms is where i should be
Bridge (repeat)
Chorus (repeat)
I just know you're my one and only
i hope you know this
waiting for you is what i'll do
that's because i love you baby
Baby baby baby lonely
With all my heart
I just want to know you're my one and only
please tell me you're my one and only
with all my heart
Chorus (repeat)