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Soy igual que tú
en inglés

Alexis y Fido


Soy igual que tú (en inglés)

I'm just like you
you, sobrenatural
alexis,fido,tobby love
i'm just like you...
and the presidents ja

i'm just like you (i'm just like you)
you roke my heart, you made me unfaithful
don't play dumb you did it yesterday
like you cryed, i cryed too, don't be surprised
i'm just like you

today a new man raise up
now i do gonna let that the rope breaks up
what it's meant for us,well, let's god give it to us
i know i wasn' t a saint , but you weren' t very saint
to say it didn't worked it's in vane
that is already lost, yeah it lasted a lot
(wow) i carried on lots of pichadera, lots of rebuleo
now it's me who decides to talk to you without rodeos
look at me to the face y dare to tell that you were faithful
look, what is bitter, it never taste like honey
after you fail me who knows with who
don't reclame if you didn't it well well well


what are you talking about? and why do you reclame me?
if we fall in temptaition
(i'm just like you)
stop the show, don't come with that flow
(i'm just like you)
what goes around comes aruond a mistake it pays with a mistake
(i'm just like you)
there's no trust enymore, the love is over

all your lies came down, your baby left
now i realized that you're not right for me
nothing stops me, no one stops me
who sends you to not value what you have?
and i know that your're gonna cry
but don't you even dare to reclame
what you're going trough, i alraedy didi it
i recovered, forgave, but i didn't forgot
today i bury our love
so struggle with your case , is sad but
the diference is that i don' t wedd
we are the same
you're a peach and i'm a dog

(chorus 2)

you sobrenatural
alexis, fido, tobby love
the presidents jaja
i'm just like you
with the A and the F sobrenatural
tobby love
i'm just like you
i'm just like you

Datos de Soy igual que tú

SOY IGUAL QUE TÚ es una canción de Alexis y Fido, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Piden Perreo... Lo Más Duro. Agradecemos a w y yandeeeeeeeeeeee por haber sudido la letra de Soy igual que tú en inglés.