Corazon, corazon
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CORAZON, CORAZON es una canción de Adolecentes.


Corazon, corazon (en inglés)

Heart, Heart need love

Heart, Your Heart dame heat

Heart, Heart

Hurts a lie when my love life

Heart heart, I need love

Heart, heart, it hurts a betrayal

Heart heart

You arrogance when you dress with elegance

Heart heart

If I love you, Oh if I love you

Do not do that stone and not love me become more

Abrazarte I want and I want adorarte

Say a lie said two and three and said more states

It is my suspicion that disrupts my whole soul

Feeling sad that I attacked all the time

If I love you, know that I love you

Are you taking advantage of the love that you tendí

I want to forget and stop amarte

But come time that I lived next to you, heart

That hurts my life

I hurt more

I love you, I love you

I love you, I love you

Not mess with me

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