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Music is bringing me good, good feeling
you're love is bringing the blessings of angels.

Good feelings are what we have
now that we're together we can forget the past
I´m letting my voice again
there's a song inside my mind
as we dance into the night
Nobody with me and my lust
Could believing be your passion
that I never thought would come
For ever and ever more
I will cherish the love
I've been so long waiting for.


Your love opens every door
It's the life that you desire
that will set your dreams on fire
your loving and faithfull few
who will never let you down
who will always be around
You're taking my breath away (taking my breath away)
and I will always be your landmine
and your fading lasts my way
my heart beats to ecstasy
grinds any diamond
and deepest any sea.


I've got the feeling in my heart
I will not stop I have to stop
I have to move my way to you
I've got the feeling
(repeats 6 times)

Letra añadida por: chikabonita

Dj Flex
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