Disco 'World of Glass' (2001) al que pertenece la canción 'World Of Glass'

World Of Glass



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All you ever wanted
All that you desire
Walk the line with me
I'll take you higher
I feel your body shake
Put me on fire
All you ever wanted
All that you desire
Who's the prey
What's the play
God created
Stay with me
We are the ones God hated
I'm a falling stone in a world of glass
I'm a ticking bomb with a smiling mask
Can you ever let go?
I'll play you like a violin
You will be queen
I will be king
I'll chase your scary monsters
On the run
With me you are safe
I'm in control
I'll fulfill all your dreams
Every fantasy
I will be
What you need
Satisfaction guaranteed
Can you see them?
Can you hear them?
Can you feel them?
Do you fear them?

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