Yeah, No...i Know - Boys Night Out

Yeah, No...i Know

Boys Night Out

Letra, canción


'Yeah, No...i Know'

Someone call an ambulance
cause' something's not right
it's all going wrong tonight
in between thebottom of this bottle and you
i think i'm running into rock bottom
This time i'm in over my head from couting times that ive said
"this time i'm in over my head from counting times that i've said it's over it's over"
Someone call an ambulance
It took time to fashion this noose
from fine threads of self-abuse
and it fits your neck perfectly. securely
your heels hit heavy on the hardwood
not that it did any good
my love, you've been a constant headache for me
if it came down to this act or one more near heart attack
you wouldn't have a hope in hell my darling
it all comes down to this act
dont stop the heartbeat countine
I know that i'm responsible for this, and i'll miss you
maybe in time, i'll find out what it is that i'm supposed to do
I've made a million messes and i'll make a million more
trust me baby, maybe im not the man you're searching for
Someone call an ambulance