Disco 'Prison of Desire' (2000) al que pertenece la canción 'Yield To Temptation'

Yield To Temptation

After Forever


Yield To Temptation Letra

They told you not to yield to temptation and opened their arms...
...make your own inferences...
Inscrutable chaos in my head
greed will take its toll
there's no place to hide
"et me free myself
The anathema's driving millions
together in the pustules of our earth
greed and self-denial the cause of
unimpeded desecration of the truth
They told you not to yield to temptation
but offered you only hypocrisy and ruin
The phantom of damnation
threw her coat over humanity
Captive in the shackles of this indoctrination
depraved souls wished to be pure
delight in deformity the last convulsions
are building up a bridge to a new era
the assumption of a faded supposition
never shall i be a marionette !
The embrace that smothers...

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