Disquito - Yo Wassup

Yo Wassup Letra y Canción

Abraham Z

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YO WASSUP es una canción de Abraham Z.


'Yo Wassup'

yo, yo, yo
(verse 1)
yo wassup, its the a 2 tha z
ab zuchini,
they just wanna be me,
chicks wanna have me
stevie wonder wants to see me,
can ya blame him?
your eyes are flamin,
lookin at abraham z
a-b,r-a-h,a-m zuchini
z-u,c-h-i,n-i abraham
(verse 2)
now let me make this quick,
or you can suck my dick,
u fuc*** rich bitch,
dont f*** with me,
i drank a whole hennessy fifth!
now for no reason, im swingin my fist.
now listen what i gotta say,
u mother fuck*** are gonna pay,
watch out,
coz im comin back.