Wild Spirits

Letra de la canción

-what may i get you two to drink-
i'll have a large orange juice,and i'll have a large dr.pepper
okay i'll be right back
okay bye
thank you
oh man i love this food
i love this restraunt
yeah but its exspensive
yeah,so we gotta take it easy
hey what did you want what looked good
i don't know
i wanted the ummmm
ohhh man look outside
hes hott
which one
the one right there you know right there
oh man hes comeing inwhoaaa haheha
All the people around us have suddenly froze
all the love in our hearts have just arose
i only see you i hope you see me
I just saw my angel walk through that door
my heart skipped a beat its asking for more
I have been blessed with your tenderness
you love me i hope you can see i love you
this love i got will never end hand over your broken heart my love i'll send
Your last love was a true tragidy
but now im here send your love to me
heart ache to heart ache and trust to trust
i need your love it is a must
true love thats what i need
your love just give it to me
i wish you were holding me tight
telling me things that just gotta be right
You thats what i think of
you thats what i dream of you
you your always on my mind
day or night
weather the feelings are wrong or right
You thats what i think of
you thats what i dream of
you (echo x3)


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