The Light of Dark

Letra de la canción

Deep in the entrails of the greatest bitch
The white hell is crowning with blood n gold
The new tyrant of god
In a cannibal feast dismember my soul
Crowns praying nuns lairing humanity dying
Dogs of god dominate with holy
Bloody swastika cross
Kings of the world
Howling the funeral rites of death Inside the coffin of world
Dressed in wingless flies
Your body is a nest of rats
Toxic miracles
Of ignorance
Are visions from the dark side
Like a new pest devouring the sky
Dry shadow of the sun
Covering up with unknow
Plagues the earth
Walls of melted flesh
With rotten incense scent
I light up the mortuary candles of my own funeral crowned
for armless acolytes legions of deformed
vultures in a holy mass they declare
the war infernos of red smog with form of shadows
sitting in your throne of white dung chimneys
of empty corpses burning my will sweet ashes habemus satanae

Letra añadida por: Dirge Inferno666 (#30.675)

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